Dundas 55 Plus: Classes


Spring Programs 2023


If you have questions about the classes contact Gaye Welch: gaye.welch@yahoo.com or 289-396-7614.


Class time: Friday 10:00 am to 11:00 am

This class focuses on building stability and strength. Gentle stretching exercises will help relax and lengthen muscles while chair yoga exercises will help build core strength. Body weight and light hand weights (optional) are incorporated to help strengthen muscles needed for everyday activities. Static and dynamic balance exercises will be taught and practised to help improve overall stability. There is no need to get down on the floor in this class. All exercise components can be modified as needed with the guidance of the instructor to meet individual needs and to ensure that everyone can participate.

Teacher: Leanne Kelly

Leanne is a multi-talented instructor. You’ll find out more about her in the Yoga and Chair Yoga information below. She created this new class based on feedback from participants. Leanne has chosen exercises to enhance stretching, strengthening and balance. Her approach will be gentle and everyone will be encouraged to modify the activities to suit their personal preferences.


Class time: Monday 11:00 am to 12:00 pm

Whether you are an experienced meditator or a beginner, this class is designed to support your practice as participants learn together. You will enhance your understanding of a variety of approaches to meditation and breathwork. You will have the opportunity to practice various types of meditation techniques and breathing exercises and to share your experiences.

Teacher: Marybeth Leis Druery

Marybeth is a community organizer, Spiritual Director, Expressive Arts facilitator, and visual artist, offering individual or group spiritual companioning for individuals of diverse backgrounds to practice mindfulness and explore meaning. She co-founded the local charity Student Open Circles in 2001, where she facilitates reflection and mindfulness circles, personal development courses, retreats, leadership development, and engages McMaster University students to volunteer in groups with Hamilton’s underserved communities.


Class time: Tuesday 10:00 am to 11:00 am and 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm

In this class you will be guided through gentle yoga poses with the intention of exploring your body through movement and breath. Every week you will move mindfully through different sequences that are geared towards older adults - sometimes with little extra challenges - but always with lots of options that recognize the differences in participants’ bodies. Blocks and straps are provided. BRING YOUR OWN TOWEL FOR KNEE CUSHIONING AND YOUR OWN MAT.

Teacher: Leanne Kelly

Leanne grew up in Dundas and began practicing yoga when she was in her early 20s. She first trained in Thai Yoga Massage and then completed her yoga teacher training course locally. She began teaching yoga in 2020 virtually and in person. Leanne looks forward to seeing both familiar and new faces when she returns to teach yoga and chair yoga this fall. (See “Chair Yoga” below for more information about Leanne.)

Chair Yoga

Class time: Wednesday 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm

In chair yoga you will move mindfully through postures that are geared toward older adults while you are seated. You will not get up and down from the floor or bear weight through your knees. The postures include gentle stretches, dynamic movements within poses, gentle strength and mobility exercises and balancing. Blocks and straps are provided.

Teacher: Leanne Kelly

Leanne states “Once I found yoga, I wondered why it isn’t taught to everyone. In a world where we are often so distracted or disconnected, it connects the self on absolutely all levels of our being. I believe that each person’s physical yoga practice is meant to be whatever you need it to be.” (See “Yoga” above for more information about Leanne.)


Class time: Wednesday: 2:45 pm to 3:45 pm

The focus of this class will be on learning enough chords to accompany
yourself and others as you sing. Beginners and those with experience are welcome. The music will include a mixture of styles based on the musical tastes of the participants. PARTICIPANTS MUST BRING THEIR OWN UKULELE.

Teacher: Cheryl Amy

Cheryl began her career as a vocal and instrumental teacher at Brantford Collegiate Institute where she directed choirs, bands and numerous musical productions. After nineteen years she became a vice principal and then a principal. She has taught music at Nipissing University (Brantford campus) to undergraduate students, and Additional Qualifications courses to qualified teachers. For fun, Cheryl enjoys working with the Lynden Spring Review and with Splendour in the Brass—a big band directed by Roger Gerard.

Chair Pilates

Class time: Thursday 9:00 am to 10:00 am

Chair Pilates is a stretch and strength class which focuses on postural muscles and core stability. It includes weights, resistance bands and isometric exercises for toning muscles, as well as improving  joint mobility and balance. 
Pilates is a mindful approach to exercising and in turn, helps improve body awareness for all the other activities you enjoy. 

Teacher: Lisa Prebianca

Lisa received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance degree from York University in 1988. She was a professional dancer in Toronto for ten years and in 1999 became a fully certified Pilates instructor. Lisa taught at studios in Toronto until she moved to Dundas in 2002. Here she teaches group and private classes; this is her second year with the Dundas 55+ Group.

Line Dancing

Class time: Thursday 10:15 am to 11:15 am

Beginners and those with experience will find there is no pressure for perfection in the line dancing class. Dances and steps are repeated each week. Lynn suggests alternative steps for those who find some of the moves difficult. She uses an assortment of music styles from country, easy listening and Latin to disco. Lynn teaches two-steps, jives, waltzes, cha chas, and tangos. In this class you dance separately but always have fun together.

Teacher: Lynn Goruk

Lynn has taught line dancing in the Hamilton/Burlington area for over twenty years. She has been teaching with the Dundas 55+ Group since 2017. Lynn’s goal is to ensure that dancing is fun for all - from beginners to more experienced dancers. She welcomes requests for both music and dances from class participants.

For more information about Dundas 55+ Group programs and activities, please contact us at dundas55plusgroup@gmail.com